State’s groundwater “cop” hands out more criticism of valley plans

November 19, 2021
by Lois Henry
The Kings River runs under Highway 99 south of Fresno. A number of groundwater agencies are relying on excess water from local rivers and streams to recharge over pumped aquifers. CREDIT: Lois Henry
Lois Henry

New Water Board comments

Kaweah subbasin

Kings subbasin

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Another set of comments critical of how San Joaquin Valley groundwater plans will impact drinking water wells dropped on Friday from the powerful State Water Resources Control Board.

The comments focused on plans that cover the City of Fresno and many surrounding towns as well as Visalia and a number of smaller towns in Tulare County. Specifically, it commented on plans covering most of the Kings and Kaweah subbasins.

One of the Kaweah plans, which

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