State warns more valley groundwater agencies their plans aren’t up to snuff

December 9, 2021
Jesse Vad and Lois Henry
by Jesse Vad and Lois Henry
Water settles on a recharge pond in Delano-Earlimart Irrigation District in this January 2021 file photo. CREDIT: Lois Henry
Jesse Vad and Lois Henry
Jesse Vad and Lois Henry

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Six subbasins covering nearly all of  the central and southern San Joaquin Valley do not have adequate plans to address falling groundwater levels, according to letters sent Thursday by the Department of Water Resources to groundwater agencies within those subbasins.

Subbasins with plans not likely to pass muster include the Delta-Mendota, Kaweah, Kern County, Kings, Tulare Lake and Tule.

Though DWR suggested the plans would not be approved, it did not say why — exactly.

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Jesse Vad and Lois Henry }

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