State’s groundwater “cop” weighs in on plans to stop over pumping and finds them lax

November 15, 2021
by Lois Henry
Groundwater gushes out of a well on Pueblo Avenue in the Tulare Lake bed in Kings County. The State Water Resources Control Board, which is the state's enforcement arm under its new groundwater law, was highly critical of the Tulare Lake subbasin ground water sustainability plan in comments filed this summer. CREDIT: Lois Henry
Lois Henry


The State Water Resources Control Board submitted comment letters dated Aug. 23, 2021 on 5 Central Valley groundwater plans, including:

Tulare Lake
North South Yuba
Eastern San Joaquin

The Water Board submitted comments on five other subbasin groundwater plans Dec. 8, 2020. Those include:

Cuyama Valley
Indian Wells Valley
Santa Cruz Mid-Valley
Paso Robles Area
180-400 Foot Aquifer

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As California’s Central Valley water managers nervously await the first official Department of Water Resources responses to plans for how they expect to fix massive groundwater over pumping, some were dismayed to “stumble” on comments from a different, and very powerful, state water agency.

The State Water Resources Control Board submitted  highly critical comments on five Central Valley groundwater sustainability plans in late summer that some local groundwater agencies only recently discovered.

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