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SJV Water is an independent, nonprofit news site dedicated to covering water in the San Joaquin Valley. Water is a complex, crucial topic for our valley and we strive to explain water topics in an engaging, understandable way.

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A group of water districts clustered on the western edge of Kern County that are currently members of the Kern Groundwater Authority (KGA) announced they will form their own groundwater sustainability agency. The Westside District Water Authority, made up of the Belridge Water Storage District and the Lost Hills and the Berrenda Mesa water districts,…
by Jesse Vad, SJV Water
A sliver of state money will help upgrade drinking water systems in eastern Fresno County mountain communities that have been plagued by both drought and devastating wildfires. The money is part of an overall $300 million in Department of Water Resources funding aimed at drought impacts. In Fresno County, the Sierra Resource Conservation District was…
by Jesse Vad, SJV Water
  Want to learn more about where your family’s drinking water comes from? What’s in it? Why it costs so much? And what the future holds? A Water Leadership Institute for residents of the southern San Joaquin Valley will start later this summer and classes are free. The institute, which is taking applications now, is…
In a complete turnaround from its stance earlier this week, Kern County late Thursday dropped its requirement that groundwater agencies make certain findings about proposed new agricultural wells before it would consider issuing permits for those wells. The situation had reached a boiling point in the local ag community as the Kern County Environmental Health…
A California Senate proposal to spend $2 billion to buy senior water rights would focus mostly on rights in northern California watersheds with another large chunk aimed at farmland retirement throughout the state. The proposal is included in an $18.5 billion climate plan within the state  budget, which likely won’t be finalized until the end…
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