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SJV Water is an independent, nonprofit news site dedicated to covering water in the San Joaquin Valley. Water is a complex, crucial topic for our valley and we strive to explain water topics in an engaging, understandable way.

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Concerns over how a newly built water bottling plant will impact the already over drafted aquifer prompted the Southern San Joaquin Municipal Utility District to sue the City of Delano last month. The district is asking that approvals for the Niagara water bottling plant be set aside and, ultimately, that a permanent injunction be granted…
Cover crops could be an important tool in groundwater management but are being unintentionally disincentivized by groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs,) according to a new study.  GSAs haven’t done enough analysis or incentivization of cover crops, according to authors of the study. In fact, the study suggests some GSAs are putting a negative spin on the…
Meeting: North Kern Water Storage District board of directors. Date: May 22, 2024 Agenda and board packet: CLICK HERE Main topic: Submission of a revamped groundwater sustainability plan for the Kern subbasin to the state Water Resources Control Board to avoid probation. Background: Two previous groundwater plans for the Kern subbasin were rejected by the…
The fallout and recriminations in Kings County continue over the state Water Resources Control Board’s historic decision to place the Tulare Lake subbasin on probation for failing to come up with a cohesive plan to protect the region’s groundwater. The Kings County Farm Bureau, which has already sued the Water Board over the probationary designation,…
Meeting: Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority board of directors Date: May 15, 2024 Agenda and Packet: CLICK HERE First topic: Reassessment of importing water from Little Lake, an area north of the Indian Wells Valley in Inyo County. Background: The Indian Wells Valley is a critically overdrafted basin in eastern Kern County. Its residents and…


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Maven’s Notebook is an excellent daily accounting of California water happenings statewide.

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