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SJV Water is an independent, nonprofit news site dedicated to covering water in the San Joaquin Valley. Water is a complex, crucial topic for our valley and we strive to explain water topics in an engaging, understandable way.

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When the next drought hits and domestic wells start going dry, many rural Tulare County residents will have a sturdy, new lifeline to grab onto. Groundwater managers in the Kaweah subbasin, in the northern portion of Tulare’s flatlands, signed a $5.8 million annual deal with Self-Help Enterprises to provide rapid response and long-term fixes focused…
by Sonia Lemus, freelance for SJV Water
Meetings: Rosedale Rio-Bravo Water Storage District Board of Directors Arvin-Edison board of directors Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa board of directors Cawelo Water District Board of Directors  Date: June 11 through 13, 2024 Rosedale Rio-Bravo Packet: CLICK HERE. Arvin Edison Agenda: CLICK HERE Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Packet: CLICK HERE Cawelo Agenda: CLICK HERE New authority: Several members of the…
Fireworks were already popping between board members of a key Tulare County groundwater agency recently over an 11th hour attempt to rein in pumping in the severely overdrafted area. The main issue at the Eastern Tule Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) meeting June 6 was whether to require farmers in subsidence prone areas to install meters…
The United States Army Corps of Engineers received a national award for safety, innovation and resourcefulness for its design and execution of the reconstruction of the Isabella Dam complex, according to a press release from the Army Corps. The $650-million project that succeeded in taking Isabella Dam off the Army Corps’ list as one of…


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