by Lois Henry
Will we get the water? That’s the question everyone’s been asking. (And by everyone, I mean the other five or six people I know who are as weirdly interested in water as I am.) Storms are dumping, rivers are rising and lakes are filling — finally. Will we be able to squirrel that water away…
by Lois Henry
So, a pile of water banked in Kern County is being used to support a massive urban development in Madera County. Before you try and wrap your head around how that’s geographically possible, there’s the whole question of whether the banked water (and other water slated for the project) even can be used for that purpose. Then…
This is sooooo California. The same day the state Water Resources Control Board announced it would continue the state’s drought emergency, so much water had to be let out of Lake Oroville that it broke the spillway. Drought? Huh? OK, so those optics were a bit confusing. But Water Resources was absolutely right to keep…
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