Trout fry fest on the Kings River – volunteers needed

 •  by Lois Henry

The Kings River Fisheries Management Program is looking for volunteers to help with its annual trout fry release February 26. About 8 to 10 people are needed to carry 20-pound buckets full of trout fry to the Kings River between the Army Corps of Engineers bridge to Avocado Lake Park, about 20-30 miles east of…

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Kings County groundwater plan raising questions

 •  by Lois Henry

It’s hard to imagine state officials giving the thumbs up to a groundwater sustainability plan that potentially allows Corcoran – California’s subsidence epicenter – to sink another 6 feet. Especially considering the tiny, rural town was forced to spend $14 million in 2017 to rebuild its levees following the 2012-16 drought when it suffered subsidence…

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Irrigation water prices under SGMA causing sticker shock

 •  by Lois Henry

Reaction was hushed when Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage District General Manager Eric Averett asked the small group of farmers Tuesday morning if any were interested in buying irrigation water at the previously unheard of price of $770 an acre foot. No papers rustled. Keyboards went silent. And none of the growers raised a hand. You…

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