by Lois Henry
Is there water available on the Kern River and, if so, how much? Parties to the long-running river dispute will finally get a hearing by the State Water Resources Control Board on those questions, at least. The big question — who should get the water? — will have to wait. Still, this is the first…
It may surprise you (it surprises me all the time) but a lot of young people are deeply interested in how our world runs. Especially young people who also have a passion for journalism. One of those young people, Jonathan Horwitz, a graduate fellow at the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication and…
by Lois Henry
The personnel deck of who’s who in Kern County water has shuffled recently at several agricultural water districts. The Rosedale-Rio Bravo and North Kern water storage districts both recently named new general managers. And the newly formed Westside Water Authority, made up of four different ag water districts, also brought on a new general manager….
Longtime family farmer Laura Cattani was appointed to the board of the powerful Kern County Water Agency during a special meeting on Monday. She is the second woman to serve on the board of directors in the 60-year history of the agency. Cattani will bring much needed diversity to the board, several directors said during…
by Lois Henry
March storms followed a critically dry winter in California. Despite the addition of snow and rain late in the water year, over all conditions were dry.  …
by Lois Henry
I was driving on Highway 166 Feb. 14 and looked over at the California Aqueduct heading south and saw this family fishing in the amazing afternoon light and stopped to try and snap a pic on my iPhone. I think it turned out pretty dang nice….
by Lois Henry
Earthscape artist Andres Amador installed a conceptualized flow in the dry Kern River bed Thursday. It was a joint project with Bring Back the Kern, a citizens group hoping to bring attention to the dry riverbed in order to get water flowing through Bakersfield  on a more regular basis. Bring Back the Kern shared several…
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