Kern River run off predicted to be downright miserly

May 3, 2022
by Lois Henry
Lois Henry

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Kern River watershed watcher Scott Williams put out what will be his final Kern River Snow and Water Report May 3 and the news was grim.

The predicted run off for the Kern River has dwindled from an already meager 33% of normal last month to a downright miserly 28% of normal this month.

The snow pack just didn’t materialize this year and what snow there was has diminished quickly, according to Williams’ report.

The snow picture is so bleak, he opted to cut his monthly reports early. Typically, he puts out the compilation of facts and figures from various government sites from November 1 through June 1.

But this is his last for 2022.

“Due to the lack of snow, I give up and this will be the last edition in 2022. See you next year!” he wrote.

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