How low will it go? Kern agencies worry one district setting groundwater levels too far down

April 16, 2022
by Lois Henry
A well owned by Semitropic Water Storage District, with red marker on map and blue dots and lines in chart, has a similar water table but much lower minimum thresholds compared to the 18 Cauzza well owned by Rosedale-Rio Bravo Water Storage district, just 2 miles to the south. SOURCE: Kern Groundwater Authority data management system
Lois Henry

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Kern County agricultural water districts are giving major side-eye to one of their own over what’s known as “minimum threshold” groundwater levels

The grumbling is aimed at the sprawling Semitropic Water Storage District in northwest Kern, where minimum thresholds are set, in some cases, at levels that would allow farmers to pump down the water table by more than 350 feet from where it is today. Its water levels are also often far below those

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