Judge’s order stops a Kings County pipeline, the focus of just one battle in the ongoing Boswell-Vidovich water war

April 4, 2022
by Lois Henry
This aerial photo shows heavy equipment lining the Tulare Canal banks to block trenching for a pipeline project from continuing beneath the canal. SOURCE: Complaint filed by Sandridge Partners.
Lois Henry

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A Kings County judge issued a preliminary injunction Monday stopping a 48-inch water pipeline from cutting through the Tulare Lake Canal.

The decision comes several months after J.G. Boswell, which controls the Tulare Lake Canal Company, blockaded the canal with bulldozers and excavators to keep the pipeline, owned by Sandridge Partners, which is controlled by John Vidovich, from trenching through its banks.

Tulare Lake Canal Company sued in January alleging the Sandridge line constituted a

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