Groundwater accountability sparks clash of Central Valley ag titans

 •  by Lois Henry

Two giant Central Valley farming companies are slinging serious mud at one another over groundwater.

And, in a rare break with tradition, they’re doing it in public.

The fight has spilled out in public comments on the Tulare Lake Subbasin Groundwater Sustainability Plan, which covers most of Kings County.

The titans behind the comments are J.G. Boswell Company and Sandridge Partners, owned by John Vidovich.

Comments from the Boswell camp got downright personal, calling out Vidovich by name and all but accusing him of hiding groundwater usage by moving it through pipes outside the area.

Vidovich, meanwhile, is accusing Boswell-backed groundwater agencies of dragging their feet on pumping reductions to the point their actions could sink the small, rural town of Corcoran up to another 11 feet.

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Lois Henry
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