Conditions “significantly improved” for Kern River watershed

January 3, 2023
SJV Water
by SJV Water
Water enthusiast Scott Williams compiles a monthly report on the Kern River watershed based on national and statewide data. SCREEN SHOT
SJV Water
SJV Water

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Water watcher Scott Williams put out his Kern River Snow and Water Report on Monday and, based on national, statewide and local data, things have gone from “eh…” to fairly promising.

Precipitation in the upper Kern basin, which feeds the North Fork of the Kern river was 134% of average for the water year to date. And on the South Fork of the Kern River, precipitation was 116% of average.

“Observed water year to date Kern River basin flow is 60% of average,” the report states.

Storage in Lake Isabella, however, is still very low. The lake, which can hold a maximum 570,000 acre feet, only had 51,685 acre feet, or 9% of its capacity, according to Williams’ report.

Williams puts out his Kern River Snow and Water Report monthly from Dec. 1 to June 1.

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