Water districts’ split leaves groundwater bank even more up in the air

April 1, 2019
by Lois Henry
Lois Henry

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If all had gone as planned six years ago, the failed McAllister Ranch housing development would be brimming with water right now.

Instead, the two agricultural water districts that had hoped to turn the foreclosed subdivision into a groundwater bank are now in court over the 2,000-acre property.

The whirlwind courtship that brought Rosedale-Rio Bravo and Buena Vista water storage districts together, spending $22 million to buy McAllister out of bankruptcy, is officially over.

Buena Vista filed a partition complaint in mid-January seeking a court-ordered sale of the property.

“We want to dissolve the partnership,” said Tim Ashlock, Buena Vista’s engineer.

Buena Vista felt Rosedale was bogging down the process and no matter how many meetings they had, nothing ever seemed to happen.

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