Tule land trust seeks new board member

June 28, 2024
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by SJV Water
Tule Trust Board Member and farmer Frank Junio stands in the Bureau of Land Management wildlife area in Atwell Island to study natural habitat features for use in the trust's restoration project at Capinero Creek, a former 467-acre dairy. COURTESY: Susan Long, Tule Basin Land & Water Conservation Trust
SJV Water
SJV Water

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The Tule Basin Land & Water Conservation Trust, formed in 2020 by area farmers and water managers intent on finding solutions to the region’s groundwater woes, is seeking a new board member.

The prospective board member must have experience in irrigated agricultural land within Pixley, Lower Tule, or Tri-County Water Authority groundwater sustainability agency, according to a trust newsletter.

This role will help shape the future of local groundwater sustainability. Meetings are held monthly in Tulare, with Zoom options available.

Interested persons are asked to submit their resume and letter of interest by June 30 to Susan Long at susanlong@tuletrust.org.

The trust aims to identify less productive land to fallow to consolidate groundwater resources for more productive ag land.

Its most recent project involved fallowing 467 acres  next to the Pixley National Wildlife Refuge that had been used as a dairy.

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