ROOTED IN THE VALLEY: Liset Garcia was set on leaving the valley, but came back to her roots

February 21, 2023
Jesse Vad, SJV Water
by Jesse Vad, SJV Water
Liset Garcia grew up selling fresh produce with her parents. She went to school to be a doctor but came home to Reedley and has become an Intagram phenom with her Sweet Girl Farms farmstand. Jesse Vad / Screen grab
Jesse Vad, SJV Water
Jesse Vad, SJV Water

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Liset Garcia grew up helping her folks sell freshly grown produce from the San Joaquin Valley in Los Angeles neighborhoods and dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Somehow, along the way, the medical student found herself running a stand at her parent’s Reedley farm and becoming somewhat of a social media hit.

She still wants to become a doctor but, for now, agriculture has a hold on her heart.

Find out why in the second video in our series getting to know small farmers and the challenges they face called: Rooted in the Valley.

In case you missed it, our first video featured Selma raisin farmer Harry Brar. Check out out HERE.

Jesse Vad, SJV Water

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