RECORDING – Kern County Water Agency board president election

January 29, 2020
by Lois Henry
Lois Henry

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The Kern County Water Agency Board of Directors voted out longtime board president Ted Page in favor of director Royce Fast on a 4-3 vote at the Agency’s meeting Thursday, Jan. 23.

Here’s how the votes fell by division director:
Div. 1 Dir. Ted Page – Page
Div. 2 Dir. Bruce Hafenfeld – Fast
Div. 3 Dir. Marty Milobar – Page
Div. 4 Dir. Philip Cerro – Fast
Div. 5 Dir. Bill Wulff, Jr. – Page
Div. 6 Dir. Royce Fast – Fast
Div. 7 Dir. Gene Lundquist – Fast

You can listen to the board discussion and vote here.


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