Little Poso Creek causing big problems for farmers in northern Kern

April 1, 2019
by Lois Henry
Lois Henry

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Poso Creek wreaked havoc on a number of northern Kern County farms in recent weeks, flooding thousands of acres.

Farmers were busy patching levees and pumping remnants of the flood water off their lands Thursday.

But even as berms were rebuilt and their fields dried, farmers eyed the giant Sierra snowpack and warned, “It’s not over yet.”

The typically dry Poso Creek started running Jan, 5, recalled Jason Gianquinto, general manager of Semitropic Water Storage District, which hosts the western tail of the creek.

Storms pummeled California through January and the Poso continued to grow, punching through its banks Jan. 10 on a four-mile stretch between Gun Club and Corcoran roads just south of Garces Highway.

And it did it several times.

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