KVPR interviews SJV Water and Fresnoland about story on the perils of building on shaky water

February 21, 2023
SJV Water
by SJV Water
A sign for custom lots at the Mira Bella development near Millerton Lake. Gregory Weaver / Fresnoland
SJV Water
SJV Water

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Reporters Jesse Vad and Gregory Weaver talk to Kerry Klein with KVPR about their story on how taxpayers are bailing out homeowners who bought luxury houses in a development that should never have been built on groundwater.

Fresno County Supervisors approved the Mira Bella development back in the 1990s despite multiple red flags over water.

Fast forward 30 years and those warnings have come true.

Now taxpayers are helping fund a bailout via a drought relief grant from the state Department of Water Resources.

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