Expect a wet Kern River through May

April 24, 2020
by Lois Henry
Lois Henry

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Unless it’s a big water year (spoiler alert: It’s not), the Kern River through Bakersfield is usually a dry, sandy channel.

So, water in the riverbed is pretty exciting in old B-town.

SJV Water asked Art Chianello, Director of Bakersfield’s Water Resources Department, where today’s trickle was coming from and how long it would last.

Bakersfield owns a substantial portion of Kern River rights, as well as the river channel and adjacent lands.

SJV Water: Hi Art, can you tell us where the water in the river is coming from and how long we can expect a wet river?

Art Chianello: “City water is in the Kern River channel through town and being diverted for a water supply for drinking water treatment plants, various City amenities like Truxtun Lakes, Park at River Walk, Aera Park, the City’s 2800 Acre recharge facility, and to satisfy other existing contract obligations.

“This water routing is consistent with City’s long term Water Use Policies to provide a safe and reliable water supply for City residents and is also consistent the City’s Groundwater Sustainability Plan as required by state SGMA law.

“Water through town should last about thirty days.”

SJV Water: Thanks Art!


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