March 29, 2023
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CORRECTION: Two SJV Water articles published March 23 and March 28 stating the community of Allensworth was not covered by a flood control district and that no agency was taking responsibility for excess water in the area were inaccurate. The Deer Creek Storm Water District has jurisdiction over Allensworth and its staff has been working with the community on flooding issues.

The articles have been removed from our website and our social media feeds.

Editor’s note: We apologize profusely for the error in these stories. The SJV Water team tries to bring you the most accurate, timely information we can about a complex subject that can be extremely fast moving – especially now.
Unfortunately, in these two articles, we did not live up to that goal. We are also dedicated to making sure that if we find an error, we own up to it and make it right. 
Lois Henry
Editor / CEO
SJV Water

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