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SoCal water managers want to know who – exactly – is sinking the California Aqueduct

 •  by Lois Henry

A state report released in December pinned blame for sinking along the California Aqueduct on excessive nearby groundwater pumping to irrigate vineyards and nut orchards. That was a pretty pointed finger, but not pointed enough for some committee directors in the large and powerful Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. They wanted names. The issue…

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Water conference bad form

 •  by Lois Henry

It’s unclear why certain members of the media were kept out of a water policy conference on Tuesday, yet the entire event was broadcast on one particular television station’s website. Whatever water policy was discussed, it’s bad policy to invite members of the public (the media are members of the public), give out tickets and…

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San Joaquin River Chinook salmon made history last year – sort of

 •  by Lois Henry

An unexpected number of Chinook salmon swam up the San Joaquin River last spring, prompting surprise and giddy pronouncements that the river’s long dead spring-run population had been resurrected. The 500 or so fish were living proof that the 11-year-long river restoration program was a success. A “smashing” success, some advocates said. Others felt the…

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Kings County groundwater plan raising questions

 •  by Lois Henry

It’s hard to imagine state officials giving the thumbs up to a groundwater sustainability plan that potentially allows Corcoran – California’s subsidence epicenter – to sink another 6 feet. Especially considering the tiny, rural town was forced to spend $14 million in 2017 to rebuild its levees following the 2012-16 drought when it suffered subsidence…

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