Since 2015, the state has doled out nearly $150 million to groundwater agencies for planning and projects. The flow of money has been almost nonstop for some agencies and has made it possible to operate consistently.  But the tap is shutting off.  Groundwater sustainability agencies (GSAs) are meant to be self-sufficient and generate their own…
by Jesse Vad, SJV Water
  Want to learn more about where your family’s drinking water comes from? What’s in it? Why it costs so much? And what the future holds? A Water Leadership Institute for residents of the southern San Joaquin Valley will start later this summer and classes are free. The institute, which is taking applications now, is…
by Jesse Vad, SJV Water reporting intern
In California’s water world, long dominated almost exclusively by men, women are blazing a path — sometimes straight to the top.  “I think water is changing,” said Karla Nemeth, director of California’s Department of Water Resources. “There’s more and more of an understanding that as a society and even politically, we’re not going to get…

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