by Lois Henry
Those of us who’ve lived in the San Joaquin Valley all our lives are ridiculously excited by weather. And we had some today in Bakersfield. Other parts of the valley, not so much. Rain touched the San Joaquin Valley floor in Bakersfield on Wednesday, for the first time since Sept. 5, 2019 when a smattering…
A top federal water official warned members of a Central Valley water group that the state’s response to new guidelines for federally endangered fish in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta would likely include alternatives “inconsistent with your interests.” Ernest Conant, director of the California Great Basin Region of the Bureau of Reclamation (until recently known as…
by Lois Henry
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by Lois Henry
Almonds take too much water. Wait, alfalfa is the bad guy. What about those water hogging geeks in Silicon Valley? No, no, no — that “evil” fracking is to blame. If it’s a day that ends in “y,” Californians are finding new water guzzling bogeymen to vilify. Meanwhile, economists are quietly shaking their heads. All…
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