SJV Water accepts sponsorships in two different ways:

Sponsored Banners

SJV Water will include a banner at the right hand side of our home page and news pages alerting the public to a company’s good work or upcoming event for a limited time and for a fee based on web traffic defined as monthly page views. There will be a minimum charge of $60 per month at launch of the website until traffic builds at which time costs may go up.

Sponsored Topics

SJV Water will accept sponsorship for coverage of topic areas and/or sponsorships for investigative projects. We will not cover specific stories, nor will sponsors be allowed any editorial control.

Sponsored topics could be: How government is responding to failed drinking water systems in disadvantaged communities; a Friant-Kern Canal update; Unique approaches to SGMA; How subsidence is affecting flood control facilities; etc.

Sponsorship for investigative projects could involve hiring a database analyst, drone operator, special travel, etc.

Sponsorship Inquiry